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Transfer Domain to a NEW Godaddy Account

Godaddy account to Godaddy account transfer

It's called an Account Change

1. Click a domain name on the list to go to it's Domain Settings page.

2.  On the Domains Settings page, below Additional Settings, click Transfer domain to another GoDaddy account.

3. In the Begin Account Change window, enter and re-enter the Email address of the recipient.

4. If you know the recipient's customer number, select I have... and then enter the account login information. The email address entered must be the same email used for the shopper account contact email, not the domain administrator email.

5. In Domain's contact information, select the following: "Do not change"

6. Select Keep the current nameservers for this domain to retain the current nameservers for the domain name.

7. Click Next

8. Read the Domain Name Change of Registrant Agreement, and, if you agree to the terms, select I have read and agree to the Domain Name Change....

9.  Select I understand that, if I want to transfer this domain....


10. Click Finish

Once the email link affirming the change of registrant is clicked, the domain will move to the gaining customer’s account and they will be able to accept the domain name.

Login to the receiving account and accept the domain name.

That's it!

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